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Anura Reporting API - Interface Endpoints - Instances

The Interface: Instances endpoint will allow you to retrieve, or search, instances associated with your Reporting API token.

Method URL


Required Type Description Note
token string The token string you have been issued to connect to the Anura Reporting API.
Optional Type Description Note
name string The name value to which results will be limited. Results are returned based on a broad match of the declared value.
all boolean Set false to exclude the "All Instances" result object. True by default.
page integer The page of results to be returned. Page 1 is returned by default.
limit integer The number of returned results. 20 results are returned by default. 1,000 results max.

Example Response

    "instances": [
            "id": "All+Instances",
            "name": "All+Instances"
            "status": 1
            "id": 1234567890,
            "name": "yourInstanceName"
            "status": 1
    "query": {
        "name": false,
        "all": true,
        "page": 1,
        "limit": 20,
        "results": 2,
        "pages": 1