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Anura Definitions - Script Results

Anura Script uses JavaScript and is our most comprehensive method for collecting visitor data. It excels at identifying the most sophisticated fraud in real-time. Ideally, Anura Script is used for conversions and post-click analysis.


The visitor passed all of our tests and is considered GOOD. We feel this is a real person, with real conversion value.


The visitor tripped a rule or two in our system. They are not definitely GOOD or BAD, so we mark them as a WARNING. The vast majority of the time this traffic represents real people with real conversion value. We have found that this accounts for our competitors false positives. In instances where it's been necessary, blocking WARNING has aligned our results with other system's confidence scores.


We are 100% confident that this is not a real visitor. Our successful clients block or otherwise divert BAD visitors to create the cleanest and most valuable traffic for themselves and their clients.