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Anura Reporting API - Usage - API Tokens

You can create and manage Reporting API tokens by logging into the Anura Dashboard and going to the "Reporting API" token management interface, located within the "Account" section of the navigation menu, or by visiting

Create Reporting API Token Form Fields

Field Description Note
Token Name A unique identifying name for your Reporting API token. Required.
Limit Instance Limits the Reporting API to return data for selected instance(s) only. Data will be returned for all instances associated with your Anura account when no specification is made.
Limit IP Address Limits the Reporting API to return data for specified IP address(es) only. Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported. Private and reserved IP addresses are not allowed.
Token Expires Sets the token to expire on a specified date. Tokens expire at 12:00am America/New_York (UTC-05:00) on the date specified and will automatically be removed after 30 days. Reporting API tokens will otherwise never expire.

Managing Reporting API Tokens