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Anura Reporting API - Usage - Handling Responses

Responses from the Anura Reporting API are JSON encoded and typically returned within milliseconds. However, in cases where vast amounts of unique data exist, responses may take several seconds or minutes. Please be sure to adjust any timeouts to wait until the response has been returned.

There are 5 distinct HTTP status response codes that may be encountered when performing requests. The following table provides HTTP status codes with a brief description of their meaning:

Status Code Description
200 - OK The request was successful and a response was returned.
400 - Bad Request There was a problem with your request parameters. Please be sure you have passed a complete and valid token string and that your request falls within the allowed rolling time frame.
401 - Unauthorized Your token is not authorized to access the requested resource.
403 - Forbidden Your token does not have permission to access the requested resource.
404 - Not Found The resource you are looking for was not found. Please check the endpoint address and try again.

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