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Anura Definitions - General Definitions


Any time you query Anura to scan and analyze traffic. This can represent an impression, a click, a form fill, a credit card transaction, and many other forms of interactions with your web assets.


A Drop occurs when Anura Script does not correctly receive the required data to properly analyze the visitor. This may occur for a number of reasons such as a slow internet connection or device, an integration issue, or intentional blocking or altering of our data package to avoid screening.

Ad Blocker

Anura Script will detect and report if the visitor is using an ad blocker.


Anura will detect and report if the visitor is using a mobile device.


Variables containing dynamic data that are passed to Anura to be used within the analytics dashboard.


If a client does not pass a Source or Campaign to Anura, it's value will be returned as (undefined).


If Anura is unable to successfully identify a metric, it's value will be returned as (non-identifiable).

Fraud Rates

Fraud Rates represent the percentage of fraud across your instances, sources, and campaigns.

Fraud Trends

Keep track of the changes in Fraud Rate over time. This metric can be used to judge the effectiveness of your fraud mitigation strategy.

Potential Savings

Estimated amount of money saved by implementing a trusted, real-time ad fraud solution.

Traffic Acquisition Cost (TAC)

The monthly budget spent to drive relevant traffic to your web assets.

Additional Data

Data provided by an Anura client that is to be associated with an individual request.

Additional Data Definition

A self-mapped label that can be inserted into a Raw Data Report column header in place of a default value.

Raw Data

Data associated with an individual request.